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Craft Food Tour delights Atlantic Avenue Foodies – Taste and See South Florida WPTV

on August 21, 2018

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – If you have family and friends coming into town for the holidays and you’re sick of doing all the traditional touristy stuff here is an idea to break up the monotony.

Discover the cocktail and culinary treats of Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach by taking the Craft Food & Happy Hour Tour.

Anthony Guzman and Matthew Guidice started the tours after they graduated from college.  They got the idea after taking a similar tour in Austin, Texas.

“We got back to Delray and started [the tour] from the ground up.  It’s been a year, and we are having a great time,” said Matthew.

You’ll get to experience the food, nightlife, history, and libations of South Florida’s world-famous Atlantic Avenue.

At each restaurant stop, you’ll sit down and enjoy a signature cocktail and food item that makes the establishment famous!

It’s a three-hour adventure, each one slightly different.

Anthony says there are “Over 150 different restaurants, 76 happy hours, we basically take our guest on our favorite four.”

During my tour, we visited El Camino, Park Tavern, The Original Popcorn House, Corner Porch, and Death or Glory Bar.

At each stop, a chef or owner from the restaurant came and spoke about what we were tasting.

Plus along the way you get to become enlightened about Delray’s rich history and architecture.

Anthony says, “[We go] over historical pieces and points of Delray Beach, you know, The Colony Hotel, Old School Square, The Sunday House to name a few.”

The happy hour tour is on Thursday night and starts at $50 for adults.  There is a Saturday and Sunday afternoon food-focused tour that starts at $65.

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